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HOP offers Public and Private Paranormal Investigations, Seances, Cemetery tours, Paranormal Conferences, Expos, and much more.  Do not hesitate to book with us for your next event or join us for one of ours. We are based in Chicago. We have activities year around at the haunted church. 

Our cemetery tours are seasonal and we have not received our dates for the 2020 season.  Coming soon

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March 28th Private Paranormal Investigation Event


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We Believe



Paranormal Investigation is not about exclusives rights, and competition. 

It’s about furthering Science in the Paranormal and Spiritual realms. It’s about 

bringing stability and respect to the studies of Supernatural activities. We can

only do that if we act respectably towards each other and the spirit world.

History and Research

Paranormal History and Research

Paranormal Research and History

Paranormal and Spirit/Ghost research is like any other field. Highly specialize and unique in its own right. Today with the help of electronic instruments it is rapidly gaining recognition and respect from the world of science and many spiritual leaders. Spirit/Ghost communication is as old as mankind. 

Ancestor-worship became a form of religion as illustrated in cave paintings found all throughout the world, as far back as 32,000 years ago. Primitive man knew ancestors survived death and they had powers to affect, heal, and guide the living. Medicine men and women, along with elders in various tribes would communicate with the deceased ancestors and share messages. 


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For information on Private Investigations, Cemetery tours, General Information and Questions. Please drop us a line. We respond within24 hours.

Throughout history, the Greeks consulted oracles, the Assyrians & Romans consulted gods and spirits. Native Americans prayed and communicated with their ancestors for guidance. Also, Jesus of Nazareth demonstrated his ability to communicate with Spirit or commonly referred to as the Holy Ghost. These “innate practice” dating back to the origins of man; show the need for connection to a natural, magical, mystical, and unknown world.

Thus, is the birth of the Paranormal Investigator and the organizing of team investigations. The quest of communicating with the worlds beyond, paranormal interests are taking it a step further from believing Psychic, Mediums and religions to the place of I want to communicate for myself and Know. The chant appears to be “I no longer want to take another’s word for it, I want to do it myself” Paranormal researchers are moving into the age of knowing and this will expand human consciousness.

Through Hands on Paranormal you learn and experience actual investigations you will become knowledgeable and be able to establish yourself as a leader in the paranormal arena.  Our expert team is dedicated to help individuals that may have any paranormal experiences and interest.  It is our commitment, to continue to raise the bar in the field of Paranormal Research.