Celebrity Haunted Church-Paranormal Investigations & Seances 5130 W 25th Street Cicero, IL

Built in 1916 as a mortuary resulting from the Eastland disaster.  In 1975, the Evangelical Spiritual Church purchased the building and its 4 lots.  This building is considered one of the most haunted churches in the Midwest.  Parking is available for our events, paranormal investigations and seances in the church's private lot .

the Haunted Church - Evangelical Spiritual Church, Cicero


Hrejsa's Mortuary in the 1950's

This picture was in the early 1950's of the mortuary.  Now it's home for the Evangelical Spiritual Church, HOP and SNAPIT as well as other groups in Cicero. Ghost sightings, paranormal investigations and seances are available. The after-hours activities.  We ask you, who's a better guardian of a building like this than a Spiritualist Church? After all, communicating with the so call dead is a tenet of Spiritualism 


Arial View of the Church

This church was built in 1916.  There was an addition in the 1940's  and a small addition in 1950.   At some point, the Herjsas bought the property where the garage sits.  The home that sat in front of the garage was moved down the street which is still standing in Cicero.  We do paranormal investigations and seances at this location.  


There's lot of history in this building

Because this building was built as a result of the Eastland disaster, you can imagine the tears one hears echoing from the walls.  Mothers looking for their babies and kids wanting to grow up. Such a tragedy .  

Just a few years later, the mob would find their last stay at the mortuary on 25th Street in Cicero. 

Now everyone knows there were many mobsters in Cicero.  The mortuary had a history of many  debts  paid inside this building.  The ghosts of past are right here. Through paranormal investigations, technology and seances we are able to experience the communication with the Spirit and re-live a little the past.

Eastland passenger list and more

A little more about the Eastland from the Historical society.


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