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Julius Schwarzinger, CEO

CEO of Hands On Paranormal

Business Owner – Hi-Tech Welding Services Inc.

I am a born native of Chicago. Lifetime residence and a graduate of St. Benedict High School. 

I am a Professional Paranormal Investigator, Medium and Educator of Paranormal activities. As an Investigator, I have worked with many groups, facilitated Ghost Tours, and I have an established relationship with Chicago business owners who have haunted properties as well as many homeowners. 

Over the years, I have not only aligned myself with the Paranormal Community but I have the ability to communicate with the spirit world and worked with other professionals in this area of expertise. 

With Hands On Paranormal I have established a setting that can facilitate Paranormal Investigation and training.  Because of my experience and business connections my students will be able to do experientially Investigations, Séances and use paranormal equipment as part of the learning process. 

Paranormal Research contribute to the scientific study of “Energetic” which deals primarily with Energy and its phases of transformation. 

This field of research investigation is a forward movement, and aids in established research to enhance the quality of foundational communication with the world of the unseen. 

Julius Schwarzinger, CEO and Owner 


about myself and our team


We are strictly a professional team.

The HOP team members  are professional and qualified to do their job.  Investigational evidence is a field of science that is gaining more credibility because of teams like Hands On Paranormal. Every member of this team has different areas of expertise.  We work together to bring a much broader experience for you and a more intimate connection with the Spirit.  

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